Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency, member hospitals can contact GNYHA at the telephone numbers listed below. During planned or emergency events that may impact the health care sector, GNYHA sends staff to the New York City Emergency Management’s (NYCEM) Emergency Operations Center. GNYHA staff are available to assist all members, regardless of location, and to coordinate with appropriate local emergency management and response agencies. 
GNYHA’s Main Office Number: (212) 246-7100 (A recorded message providing instructions for reaching GNYHA staff will be provided during hours that the office is closed.)
GNYHA’s Secondary Number: 1 (866) GNYHAGO (1 [866] 469-4246) (For use in the event GNYHA’s main number does not work or that GNYHA employees are unable to access GNYHA’s offices.)
GNYHA’s desk at NYCEM: (718) 422-8770
NYCEM’s 24-hour emergency number: (718) 422-8700 (For use only in the event of significant emergencies when members are unable to reach GNYHA.)

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