GNYHA’s Sit Stat System: An Update on Recent Activities, Ongoing Efforts, and Our Path Forward

March 28, 2022
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GNYHA’s Sit Stat System – 2021 Report
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GNYHA is pleased to share this report on our Sit Stat System with our membership. Launched in 2017, the situational awareness and information sharing system has become an integral part of the region’s emergency response infrastructure.

The report details the reach of the current system, key functionality, response agency access and use, principles that inform system development, approaches to data security and integrity, and current and future expansion and automation initiatives. The report also highlights how GNYHA adapted Sit Stat to meet member and agency information needs during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as many other emergency events over the past several years.

We are grateful to all our member and agency partners who participate in our Sit Stat System and help us grow it in ways that best serve the region.