Coastal Storm Sit Stat Surveys

July 14, 2021
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Coastal Storm Sit Stat Surveys
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Sit Stat coastal-storm related surveys are designed to: 1) understand key actions taken by hospitals, 2) understand current and anticipated impacts to hospital operations, and 3) facilitate patient bed-matching within and outside of health system arrangements. During a coastal storm response, GNYHA will activate its bed-matching surveys, which utilize a set of previously tested standardized bed definitions, to provide situational awareness and help evacuating facilities identify available beds. GNYHA will also deploy the operational surveys outlined below to assess facility impacts and operations outside patient movement.

Operational surveys will be deployed once per day and are tailored to address pre- and post-storm impacts at both evacuating and receiving facilities. The particular surveys deployed to each facility will depend on the facility’s status as either “evacuating” or “receiving” for the particular event.