GNYHA Launches Sit Stat 3.0, Supporting Integration with Bed Management Systems

March 15, 2021

GNYHA has introduced Sit Stat 3.0, which expands the platform’s existing functionality to allow integration with facility or health system bed management systems, enabling the automated flow of bed occupancy and availability data. The goal of the expanded platform is to reduce the burden of manual data collection and enhance data reliability.

The Sit Stat platform is currently used by 115 hospitals and more than 15 New York City and New York State response agencies. It is designed to support members before, during, and after emergencies by collecting and displaying information on current and anticipated impacts, operations, and needs. The system also includes critical contact, service, and capability information for each participating facility, and tailored views that display key data elements across multiple facilities. Sit Stat 3.0 is designed to enhance preparedness and response capabilities at the facility, health system, and regional levels.

New York State members are invited to enroll in Sit Stat 3.0 at no cost. The spring enrollment deadline is May 1. Once enrolled, hospitals will map their internal bed categories to align with Sit Stat’s standardized bed definitions. Hospital information technology staff will then use the mappings to integrate the hospital’s bed management system into the Sit Stat platform. Following technical testing and data validation, completed integrations will allow automated bed occupancy and availability data to be regularly pushed to the Sit Stat system.

Members seeking to learn more about Sit Stat 3.0 can review various resources, including an overview and a recording of a webinar on Sit Stat 3.0 here.