GNYHA Holds Second Session of Quality Improvement Plus: Beyond the Basics

February 12, 2024

Forty-seven attendees from 22 facilities participated in the second session of GNYHA’s Quality Fundamentals Plus: Beyond the Basics (QF Plus) on February 7. A virtual session for staff who previously completed GNYHA’s Quality Fundamentals course, QF Plus offered a deeper dive into quality improvement (QI) fundamentals and gave hospitals a framework to sustain gains made from QI projects.

The first part of the course reviewed some of the QI tools highlighted in GNYHA’s Quality Fundamentals course—specifically, flow charts and Pareto charts—to plan for sustainability. Organizational change theory for beginners was also discussed. The second part, Data Analysis for QI, instructed participants on how to use run charts and control charts to analyze and interpret variation in health care data to inform QI efforts.

QF Plus attendees have said that the QF Plus course “[helps] to teach us how best to look at data” and “included a lot of added value to the previous course.”

QF Plus is designed for hospital staff who have not received formal QI training beyond GNYHA’s Quality Fundamentals course. The course helps increase hospital’s capacity for sustainable improvement. The QF Plus course provides 3.0 continuing medical education credits and nursing continuing education contact hours for participants who complete both modules.