As part of our continued support for member hospitals and health systems participating in the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, GNYHA developed Value-Based Payment Fundamentals: A Guide to New York State Medicaid Value-Based Payment.

GNYHA created this value-based payment (VBP) curriculum to help performing provider systems (PPSs) meet a specific DSRIP requirement to train their partner primary care providers, behavioral health providers, and community-based organizations on VBP concepts. This requirement stems from the New York State Department of Health’s (DOH) reliance on PPSs to further its aggressive goals to funnel 80% of Medicaid managed care payments through VBP arrangements.

The curriculum is a response to requests from GNYHA’s DSRIP Workforce Workgroup, which convenes individuals responsible for developing and implementing PPS workforce training strategies, as well as PPS finance and partner engagement leads. Developed with input from PPSs and DOH, the curriculum includes content in the following areas:

  • Defining VBP and the policy context for this shift
  • New York State’s VBP program and the role of partners
  • Integrated delivery systems in VBP
  • Capabilities, benefits, and challenges to VBP

In addition to learning content, the curriculum includes case studies and specific examples of how VBP may impact provider operations, frontline staff, billing, and partnerships between health care and community stakeholders. It complements DOH training materials that have been largely geared towards those who will develop and negotiate VBP contracts.