NYC Long-Term Care Mass Fatality Tabletop Exercise: After-Action Report/Improvement Plan

August 10, 2023
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NYC LTC Mass Fatality Tabletop Exercise: After-Action Report/Improvement Plan
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The New York City (NYC) Long-Term Care (LTC) Mass Fatality Tabletop Exercise (TTX) consisted of a three-hour facilitated, discussion-based TTX conducted three times over two days. Participants in each session were presented with two modules for discussion. The purpose of this exercise was to examine the coordination, collaboration, information sharing, mitigation, and response capabilities of NYC LTC facilities to a mass casualty incident.


  1. Implement/expand the facility Incident Command System in response to a surge in patient deaths.
  2. Develop an incident action plan to establish priorities, procedures, and actions to be accomplished based on existing policies and procedures.
  3. Develop a plan to provide regular communications and reports.
  4. Ensure care and disposition of decedent remains are aligned with family plans and wishes so that the deceased are handled in a safe and respectful manner until custody can be passed on to the appropriate organization (funeral home, OCME).
  5. Ensure that the proper case documentation and workflow is maintained for each decedent appropriate to the type of case (OCME or Claim).
  6. Ensure that personal effects of the deceased are properly managed according to policy.