GNYHA Behavioral Health Meeting Highlights OMH Data Resources

August 7, 2023

GNYHA recently hosted the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) to share publicly available data resources that may help providers improve patient care.

The behavioral health planning meeting reviewed patient-level data resources “that are readily available, off-the-shelf, that people might be able to use as they continue to identify behavioral health opportunities within their own systems and regions,” said Alison Burke, GNYHA Vice President, Legal, Regulatory, and Professional Affairs.

Molly Finnerty, MD, Medical Director, Office of Population Health and Evaluation, OMH, described eight publicly available data resources housed on the OMH Statistics and Reports webpage. Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) reports provide data on individuals served by the New York State ACT program. The Consumer Assessment of Care Survey offers data collected annually from adults in State-operated outpatient non-residential programs. County Planning Reports detail Medicaid-funded mental health service use and expenditures. OMH Medicaid Population Characteristics and Service Utilization Trends present characteristics and service utilization trends for New York’s Medicaid-eligible public behavioral health population. The Patient Characteristics Survey is the primary source of information on individuals served by the State mental health system. There are also children- and family-specific reports that display characteristics and service utilization patterns for State Medicaid-enrolled children with behavioral health needs and showcase results from consumer satisfaction surveys.

GNYHA will continue to partner with OMH and our members to maximize the use of existing data to inform strategic planning decisions that will improve the continuum of care.