Training Primary Care Residents on the Social Determinants of Health

September 5, 2017
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Training Primary Care Residents on Social Determinants of Health
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Training Primary Care Residents on Social Determinants of Health is part of a two-year project funded by the New York State Health Foundation to engage primary care residents in addressing social determinants of health and improve residency program collaboration with community-based organizations (CBOs), the curriculum is designed to facilitate residents’ involvement in activities related to New York’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, which has created multi-stakeholder partnerships to reduce avoidable hospital admissions.

The curriculum was developed with input from residency program leadership and population health staff from GNYHA member hospitals, and includes learning objectives, teaching content, recommended learning activities, and additional resources. The content is intended to be used by primary care program directors to help residents learn concepts around social determinants of health, and to use hospital and community resources to understand how social issues such as food insecurity and housing instability can impact the overall health of the patients they serve. The curriculum also includes strategies to promote residents’ activities within their communities and an assessment to measure residents’ progress.

While Training Primary Care Residents on Social Determinants of Health was developed primarily for primary care residents, it includes foundational content that can be used when teaching social determinants of health concepts to other members of the workforce.