Curated Wellness Materials for Specific Subpopulations

June 3, 2020


Resource Source Description
Action Collaborative on Clinician Wellbeing and Resilience National Academy of Medicine A list of strategies and resources compiled to support the health and well-being of clinicians providing health care during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Mental Health Resource for Physicians during COVID-19 American Medical Association List of resources for physicians and other frontline health care professionals on tools to manage their own mental health and well-being as they continue caring for patients.
The Physician Wellbeing Playbook American Health Association A guide to combating clinician burnout for hospital and health system leaders.
Assistance and Well-Being Resources American College of Surgeons Curated tools and resources focused on well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
COVID-19 Physician Wellness Resources American College of Emergency Physicians Compendium of tips and tools for emergency medicine physicians to manage mental health and wellness.
COVID-19 Well-being Resources American College of Physicians Resources to assist internists prepare and maintain their wellbeing in the midst of COVID-19.
Physician Assistant
COVID-19 Resource Center American Physician Assistant Assocaiton Tools and resources to this page to help physician assistants continue to practice medicine safely and effectively, while keeping their own health in mind.
Nurses and Nurse Practioners
COVID-19 Resources: Mental Health and Well-being American Nurses Association Curated resources to support nurses cope mentally and emotionally with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Infographic: COVID-19 and Your Wellbeing American Association of Nurse Anesthetists AANA developed infographic the common signs of stress, ways to relieve stress, and when/where to find support from peers or professionals.
Managing Stress & Self-Care During COVID-19: Information for Nurses American Psychiatric Nurses Association Information for nurses for managing stress and maintaining wellness as they face stressors unique to COVID-19.
COVID-19 Resources Emergency Nursing Association Sources for emergency health care providers to ensure their own safety, stay up-to-date on guidelines and inform the community of this infectious disease.
Mental Health Providers
Self-care for psychologists during the COVID-19 outbreak American Psychological Association Compendium of resources for psychologists including early career psychologists to promote wellness and prevent professional distress.
COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Hub for Mental Health Providers PsyHub – UCLA Health Catalogue of videos, resources, online courses, for mental health providers.
APA Coronavirus Resources American Psychiatric Association List of resources around potential mental health and psychosocial issues and responses to COVID-19 for psychiatrists.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) National Association of Social Workers Resources to support social workers from the impacts of COVID-19 on their wellbeing.
Emergency Responders
COVID-19 Resources for EMS NHTSA Office of EMS Intended to provide access to a collection of guidance and resources for EMS administrators, 911 supervisors, EMS personnel can use to make informed choices on tactics, techniques and procedures for dealing with COVID-19.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources NENA 911 Association Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for 9-1-1 professionals.

Non-Clinical Staff

Resource Source Description
Working Remotely During COVID-19 American Psychiatric Association Center for Workplace Mental Health Practical tips on taking care of mental health and well-being while working remotely during COVID-19.
Training for Clinical, Mental Health, and Non-Clinical Staff LA County Department of Health Module providing evidence informed strategies for providing psychological support and intervention and describes some cultural issues related to integrating mental health staff into the disaster response

Redeployed Staff/Staff Working in New Roles

Resource Source Description
BMA  COVID-19: Staff Redeployment Guidance  British Medical Association Guidance providing an overview of redeployment process for employed doctors, including providing consent, training, terms and conditions, raising concerns and maintaining wellbeing.

Residents and Newly Graduated Clinical Student

Resource Source Description
Coronavirus COVID-19 Resource Hub Association of American Medical Colleges Guidance curated by AAMC from federal, state, and local health agencies as it relates to the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Well-being in the Time of COVID-19 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Compendium of efforts and resources developed by ACGME to address the well-being of the GME community and respond to COVID-19.
New ACGME AWARE Resources for Well-Being Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education ACGME AWARE is designed to promote well-being among residents, faculty members, and others in the GME community. The initial focus of AWARE is primarily on individual strategies for cognitive skill-building.
AMA offers free resources for medical students, residents & educators American Medical Association AMA’s free access to online education modules to for medical students, residents and medical educators to quickly adjust to the impact of the pandemic on clinical and educational practices and continue remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 Resources Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine Compendium of internal medicine-related organizations with resources from key stakeholders to aid in confronting the pandemic.