If we don’t stop a terrible bill in Albany (A.8169/S.7199), you may have to start searching for a new doctor. That’s because this bill would further enrich large, for-profit insurance companies by letting them pick and choose the doctors and hospitals New Yorkers can see. Even after bringing in record profits during the pandemic, insurance companies are back for more.

Why? It’s simple: Insurance executives work for their shareholders, not you – and their profits come first. And if A.8169/S.7199 passes, they’ll exclude New York’s safety net hospitals from insurance networks while their shareholders reap the benefits.

That’s not all. A.8169/S.7199 would:

  • Create chaos for consumers by empowering your health plan to dictate where you and your family can and can’t seek care — meaning your primary care provider could be removed from your network.
  • Ignore convenience of care, forcing many New Yorkers to travel further for in-network care.
  • Raise health care costs for many New Yorkers, who are already stretched too thin.
  • Weaken New York’s world-class health care delivery system by limiting access to doctors, health systems, and independent safety net hospitals.

That’s why we need you in our corner, fighting against this dangerous bill and the big insurance companies that support it.

We can’t let big insurance companies get between doctors and their patients.

Bottom line: This bill would mean higher costs and fewer options for New Yorkers. Together, we can fight back against insurer greed. Tell your legislator to say NO to A.8169/S.7199.