GNYHA Publishes Utilization Survey Results

March 20, 2023

The monthly results of GNYHA’s Utilization Survey through December 2022 are now available on the online portal. The reports include hospital-specific and aggregate results for the January 2020-December 2022 period. The monthly data grid provides charts and data tables comparing each facility to all 81 respondents. The individual measure reports compare hospital results to respondents of similar size, teaching status, and geography. GNYHA includes system-level reports where applicable.

GNYHA Utilization Survey Results bar chart

Across the 81 respondents, December 2022 inpatient discharges were reported at 95.3% of the January 2020 volume. December 2022 emergency room visits, clinic visits, and ambulatory surgery visits were reported at 92.9%, 91.8%, and 97.6% of the January 2020 volume, respectively.