Perspectives Podcast: Preparedness for Climate-Based Threats

September 5, 2023

GNYHA’s Perspectives podcast takes a deep dive into hospital issues and operations. Each episode examines the perspectives of health care executives while discussing various topics.

Ep. 11 – Preparedness for Climate-Based Threats

GNYHA’s latest Perspectives podcast marks the height of coastal storm season in the Northeast with an expert look at climate-based emergency preparedness for health care facilities. GNYHA’s Andrew Dahl, Vice President, Emergency Preparedness and Response, interviews Svetlana Lipyanskaya, Chief Executive Officer of NYC Health + Hospitals/South Brooklyn Health; and Daniel Collins, Senior Associate Director of Facilities. This episode of Perspectives explores the disaster planning that went into the creation of South Brooklyn Health’s new, architecturally flexible, hurricane-proof hospital, including being prepared for future climate-based threats and increasing surge and flex capabilities.

This wide-ranging conversation also tackles the importance of an empowered staff and how building a welcoming facility helps position South Brooklyn Health as a leader in the community.

Download Ep. 11 transcript