Perspectives Podcast: Health Care and the Biden Administration

January 16, 2021

GNYHA’s Perspectives podcast takes a deep dive into hospital issues and operations. Each episode examines the perspectives of health care executives while discussing various topics.

Ep. 4 – Health Care and the Biden Administration

This episode of Perspectives takes an expert look at what to expect from the incoming Biden administration on health care. GNYHA’s David Rich, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, Communications, and Public Policy; and Jon Cooper, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, discuss how a Democratic House and Senate will help President-elect Joe Biden, while presenting the challenge of a slim majority and need for bipartisan collaboration. The episode also explores the status of the Affordable Care Act’s challenge in the Supreme Court, the possibility of insurance expansions and Medicare for All, and what to expect from the Biden administration on the COVID-19 front.

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