This tool details the NYC sheltering system, including Special Medical Needs Shelters, NYC’s Homebound Evacuation Operation, and Post-Emergency Canvassing Operation. These operations could result in the identification of community members who require shelter at a hospital during a coastal storm. It also discusses the following coastal storm planning topics:

  • Hospital discharge planning and referrals to the sheltering system
  • Coordination with GNYHA, City and State agencies
  • Potential impact and recommendations for Out-of-Zone Hospitals

This tool and the upcoming May 23 webinar resulted from the 2018 Hospital Receiving Capacity Workgroup, which GNYHA formed in February 2018 to examine issues related to patient surge during a coastal storm scenario. The workgroup was formed under the auspices of the NYC Health and Medical Executive Advisory Group, and is comprised of staff from many of NYC’s receiving hospitals, and representatives from the Fire Department of the City of New York, the Regional Medical Emergency Services Council of NYC, NYC Emergency Management, the New York State Department of Health, and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The workgroup has explored in detail the evacuation and sheltering operations described above, including the potential impacts on out-of-zone hospitals. Key conclusions of the workgroup include:

  • Because the hospital community needs to fully understand NYC’s sheltering and evacuation operations, including the potential impacts of these operations on hospital facilities, the workgroup has developed the attached document and the May 23 webinar
  • City and State agencies should work closely with the home health agency community to provide education on NYC’s sheltering and evacuation operations, and their role in working with clients on personal preparedness plans. Additionally, opportunities to tighten coordination between home health agencies and NYC shelters should be sought so clients can continue to receive needed services.
  • The workgroup remains concerned about the staffing plan for the Special Medical Needs Shelters, which must operate at maximum capacity. In order to ensure adequate staffing, GNYHA encourages member health systems to promote participation of non-hospital providers in the Medical Reserve Corp. Please see the New Member Registration Guide for more information