Hospital Influenza Preparedness Planning Guidelines

September 24, 2009
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Hospital Influenza Preparedness Planning Guidelines Grid
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GNYHA has developed the following guidelines to assist its member hospitals plan for the possibility of a large surge of influenza patients. Many of the guidelines are specific to planning for an influenza outbreak and a related surge of patients. However, many of the guidelines apply to a broad range of emergencies and events but can assist a facility in planning for and supporting its management of an influenza outbreak. By necessity, some of the sections overlap because some of the suggested review and planning activities should be undertaken with respect to a number of different areas. In addition, by design, the guidelines do not include detailed recommendations regarding infection control, patient screening and management, testing, or reporting, given that it is anticipated that public health authorities will provide tailored guidance if an outbreak should occur. Finally, GNYHA developed the guidelines by reviewing national, state, and local pandemic influenza guidelines; NYS Department of Health’s Threat Alert Guidelines; GNYHA member hospitals’ after action reports, improvement reports, and planning documents related to the H1N1 outbreak that began in April 2009; and GNYHA member discussions and debriefings regarding their experiences during the recent H1N1 outbreak. Hospitals located in New York State should also follow the NYS Department of Health’s planning matrix that provides guidance for responding to a surge of pandemic patients.