GNYHA Influenza and Pandemic Plans and Protocols

GNYHA developed Hospital Influenza Preparedness Planning Guidelines in 2009 to help its member hospitals plan for the possibility of a large surge of influenza patients. While the document addresses influenza and was not developed recently, many of the guidelines are still relevant and can apply to a broad range of emergencies and events, including the current coronavirus outbreak.

SARS COVID-19 Toolkit

Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Disaster Medicine shared a resource guide for high-consequence infectious diseases. It includes a variety of resources and tools for the management of large numbers of patients requiring airborne, as well as contact, isolation.

Eight Responses to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

In this article, Tom Frieden, former CDC Director and former New York City Health Commissioner, discusses the top public health activities as agencies, government officials, and health care providers prepare for and respond to the pandemic. Past planning for an influenza pandemic by many national and international experts informs Dr. Frieden’s commentary, which provides timely guidance as we enter the acceleration stage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Infection Control Guidance for Environmental Services

The Association for the Health Care Environment’s advisory to environmental services professionals on the 2019 novel coronavirus provides general information on the outbreak, and infection control recommendations, including a listing of hand hygiene and disinfecting products that are effective against the virus.