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Article: Civil Unrest During a Pandemic: Notes from Minneapolis
Technical Assistance Request: Resources Related to Protecting Community Hospitals and Providing Care During Civil Unrest
ASPR’s TRACIE Topic Collection: Focuses on adaptations to usual health care system operations and strategies to maintain provision of patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Exchange Special Edition: COVID-19 Lessons Learned: Includes articles, tools, quick sheets, and templates all vetted by subject matter experts and listed by category.
ASPR’s Behavioral Health Compendium: Helps regional emergency coordinators and Federal and state planners support stakeholders in various areas of the COVID-19 response and recovery.
COVID-19 Hospital Resource Package: Lists key COVID-19 guidance and resources for hospital administrators, hospital emergency planners, and infection control practitioners in the following topical areas: hospital surge, crisis standards of care, staffing surge and resilience, workforce protection, regulatory relief, equipment supply surge, and telemedicine.

Office of Inspector General

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Toolkit: Insights for Health Care Facilities From OIG’s Historical Work on Emergency Response: Contains key insights and lessons learned from OIG reports published from 2002 to 2020 about health care facility emergency preparedness and response. These reports address health care facility actions during outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases and natural disasters, as well as bioterrorism preparedness and response. 8/3