Public Health Agency Workforce Updates

February 9, 2022

CDC Workforce Updates

DOH Workforce Updates

DOHMH Workforce Updates

Item Date Updated
Behavioral Health Resources for Health Care Providers and Personnel During COVID-19 12/1/20
“Dear Colleague” Letter on COVID-19: Includes COVID-19 updates and addresses behavioral health and suicide prevention during COVID-19; covers behavioral health impacts of COVID-19, effects of racial disparities on mental health, and neuropsychiatric and long-term neurologic sequelae associated with COVID-19. 1/19/21

Additional Updates

Item Date Updated
Healthcare Facility Onboarding Checklist (ASPR TRACIE): Ensure new employees are compliant with administrative requirements, familiar with the hospital’s mission and culture, and understand expectations.
Management Checklist for Teleworking Surge (Joint Cybersecurity Working Group) 4/1/20
ASPR Speaker Series on COVID-19 Healthcare Professional Stress and Resilience (HHS) 11/1/20
Staffing Playbook: Actions to Address Healthcare Worker Shortages during COVID-19 (HHS) 12/11/20