Update on GNYHA’s Emergency Preparedness Situational Awareness and Information-Sharing Platform

May 1, 2019

GNYHA is writing to update you regarding its web-based information sharing and incident management system, which GNYHA makes available to its members at no cost. The system, named Sit Stat 2.0, comprises two distinct parts: EMResource, a situational awareness platform that connects member hospitals to one another, increasing their emergency response capabilities, and eICS, a facility-specific tool that allows members to document and manage emergency incidents internally. Both are products of Juvare. On behalf of its members, GNYHA has assumed the cost of the licenses underlying both systems and related maintenance. To date, 97 GNYHA members across New York State are connected to EMResource and 45 use eICS.

Event Templates

GNYHA has been working with a member advisory council to design incident-specific templates to collect information via EMResource for prolonged heat, winter weather, seasonal flu, and large-scale mass casualty incidents (MCIs). Additional templates for coastal storms and special pathogens are currently under development. While GNYHA is able to design information requests as needed, it has chosen to develop templates in advance for those events most likely to occur in order to seek member input and enable members to anticipate what information will be requested. The attached Finalized Event Templates document details the requested information associated with the four incident-specific templates named above.

Dashboards and Information Sharing

For each event for which EMResource is activated, GNYHA will collect and share key data from each facility in a dashboard format. Approved Sit Stat 2.0 users associated with GNYHA member hospitals in the geographic area affected by the emergency will have access to the dashboard, allowing them to see not only their own data, but information for other hospitals in their system and neighboring hospitals to better inform their response activities. Relevant information will also be shared with government response partners to inform their activities. Sample dashboards from two recent drills—on patient evacuation and special pathogens—are attached.

Drills and Exercises

Finally, GNYHA has been working with the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) and the 50 911-receiving hospitals located in New York City to migrate the current hospital MCI notification process to EMResource. The plan is to preserve the current emergency department red phone notification process, while also automatically alerting a select MCI notification group within the facility, thereby increasing internal awareness and response capabilities. This is an important first step toward automated information sharing between pre-hospital and hospital providers. GNYHA anticipates this migration will occur in the fall and will work closely with 911-receiving member hospitals and FDNY to ensure a smooth transition.

Information Sharing and Coordination

Sit Stat 2.0 is an important tool that supports information sharing and situational awareness among hospitals, health systems, and government response agencies, including FDNY, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the New York State Department of Health, and NYC Emergency Management, among others. GNYHA is committed to developing this system in ways that continue to benefit our members and our region.

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