Surge Staffing Opportunity: Memorandum of Agreement with US Department of Defense

November 4, 2020

GNYHA members are invited to review the attached template of the memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the US Department of Defense (DoD) that will enable military health care providers, if available, to serve as surge staff during a future COVID-19 patient surge. DoD providers are considered Title 10 medical resource assets. Their use requires that the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the US Secretary of Defense approve a mission assignment from New York State.

In the event that a mission assignment for Title 10 medical resource assets is approved, New York State’s pre-identified Dual Status Commander will work with private health care facilities to execute the MOA allowing DoD providers to serve in private health care facilities. Please note that GNYHA has no insight as to when or under what circumstances New York State would request a mission assignment or the likelihood of approval by the Federal government. 

Hundreds of DoD physicians and nurses served in NYC Health + Hospital facilities during the spring patient surge, proving to be invaluable members of the health care team. To be ready to use this staffing resource, members are encouraged to review the MOA template now. MOAs must be signed at the individual facility level.

For questions, please contact the NYC Emergency Management Health & Medical Unit or Laura Alfredo at GNYHA.

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