Schwartz Rounds Facilitation Workshop Promotes Compassionate Care

April 30, 2018

In furtherance of its unique, ongoing relationship with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, GNYHA hosted a Schwartz Center Rounds™ Facilitation Workshop on April 26. Attended by more than 55 Schwartz Center Rounds leaders and planning committee members from GNYHA’s membership and Schwartz Center facilities in the US and Canada, the workshop helped those who conduct Schwartz Rounds refine their facilitation skills via observation and roleplay, with a focus on developing a deeper understanding of compassion and the characteristics of compassionate caregivers. Michael Goldberg, MD, the Schwartz Center’s Scholar-in-Residence, defined compassion as the “deep feeling that arises when confronted with another’s suffering, coupled with a strong desire to alleviate that suffering.”

Michael Goldberg, MD

GNYHA’s collaboration with the Schwartz Center, which began in 2016, has been highly successful at promoting and supporting the Center’s mission to promote compassionate patient care by supporting healing relationships through its signature Schwartz Center Rounds conducted by and for health care staff. Forty-seven GNYHA members have implemented the Schwartz Rounds, including 18 institutions that became Schwartz Center members as a result of the GNYHA-Schwartz Center collaboration.