Reminders Regarding Supply Chain Resource Request Process

October 27, 2020

While GNYHA member hospitals are in a much better position with personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies than in early 2020, supply constraints and issues continue to exist. Members should contact GNYHA supply chain leads Glenn Wexler and Courtney Zyla with any questions.

For facilities outside of New York City, the resource request process remains the same. Once members exhaust all usual supply chain options including their hospital system, mutual aid agreements, and assistance from their group purchasing organization, requests should be made to the county Emergency Management Office. If the county cannot fulfill the request, it will be elevated to New York State for fulfillment.

For facilities within New York City, access to PPE and ventilators will be managed by Medline and Agiliti Health, respectively, via the New York City stockpile process. Find information about these processes here. For items not in the stockpiles such as refrigerated trailers, facilities should complete the updated Supply Request Form, which GNYHA then will route to New York City Emergency Management for fulfilment.