NYC Phase 1 Reopening – Transportation Services

June 4, 2020

As New York City (NYC) prepares for Phase 1 reopening scheduled for Monday (June 8), GNYHA has been asked to share the following updates on transportation services.

  • Employer Contacts for MTA Information: The MTA is compiling (for its internal use) a directory of contacts at NYC employers who are interested in receiving real-time MTA information, and is requesting that employers sign up for this information through the MTA Regional Employer Registration. The MTA will also use this list as a source for ongoing feedback as full service resumes and NYC moves through the phases of reopening.
  • Bus/Subway Service for Essential Workers: During Phase 1, bus and subway service will continue to be restricted to individuals who are defined as essential workers, which includes health care workers (HCWs). GNYHA member hospital/health system HCWs are encouraged to carry their employer identification badge in the event they are asked to confirm their essential worker status.
  • Overnight Subway Shutdown: The MTA will continue the subway system shutdown that began on May 6 from 1:00 a.m.–5:00 a.m. each night for cleaning. Detailed information about overnight transportation services for essential workers—including last scheduled subway departures, bus alternatives with service maps, and a trip planner—can be found here. To facilitate the transportation of essential workers who need to commute during those hours, the MTA previously established the Essential Connector Program (ECP), which will continue to operate during the subway shutdown hours. HCWs who wish to utilize ECP services need to register; any HCW who has not already registered can do so here. Since the ECP was announced, ECP apps for mobile phones have been developed and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • The MTA will continue to support social distancing and public health best practices as practicable. These include:
    • Boarding bus riders through the rear door
    • Applying social distancing floor markings and decals where possible
    • Supplying hand sanitizer where possible to customers across the system
    • Deploying platform controllers, MTA Police, and additional station personnel to monitor conditions and assist with crowding
    • Requiring use of face masks for all individuals using the transit system

We encourage you to share these MTA service updates with your staff.