Important Supply Chain Updates (NYS)

May 27, 2020

GNYHA is writing to provide members with several important supply chain-related updates.

Resource Request Process and Allocation of Scarce Resources

GNYHA recognizes that throughout the recent COVID-19 patient surge, there were substantial challenges with the resource request process and allocation of scare resources. GNYHA is currently developing a lessons learned/recommendations document on personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment. The document will be shared with county and State representatives. As we develop this document, we welcome your feedback on challenges you experienced in these areas. Please send this information to Jenna Mandel-Ricci.

Looking Ahead

To address the ongoing demand for PPE, hospitals, health systems, and government response agencies are all working to build up inventories. Below is information about initiatives related to these efforts.

New York State’s 90-Day Supply Goal

Governor Andrew Cuomo has set forth a 90-day supply goal for the health care system overall. Hospitals and health care systems are urged to develop a 90-day supply over the next several months, through a combination of purchases, contracts, and access to government stockpiles.

Boosting City and State Stockpiles

Toward this goal, New York State is expanding its PPE and equipment stockpiles using a combination of traditional and non-traditional suppliers. New York State is collaborating with neighboring states via the Regional State Purchasing Consortium. GNYHA is supporting these efforts.

Local Manufacturing

New York State is also engaged with local manufacturers—businesses that have pivoted to produce needed PPE items, including face shields and gowns. By supporting local manufacturing, New York State can increase stockpiles and diversify sourcing.

For assistance or questions about PPE or other supplies, please contact