Hospitals Champion the Role of Care Partners

December 9, 2019

The New York State Partnership for Patients (NYSPFP), a joint initiative of GNYHA and the Healthcare Association of New York State, hosted a learning session on “The Power of the Care Partner.” The session included strategies and resources to bridge the gap between conceptualizing and implementing a care partner program.

Collaborative Healthcare Strategies President Amy Boutwell, MD, a national expert on delivering patient-centered care, discussed how to include the care partner as a key member of the health care team using NYSPFP support and resources.

NYSPFP’s innovative four-step care partner framework strives to commit, identify, include, and prepare the care partner to function as a member of the health care team when the patient is ready for discharge and needs monitoring outside of the hospital.

Intermountain Medical Center’s Michelle Van De Graaff, RN, shared her experiences implementing Partners in Healing®, a successful hospital-based care partner program that has achieved significant improvements in transitions in care to prevent readmissions.