The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has again updated its guidance (see attached) for the transfer and tracking of patients to alternate care sites, including the Javits New York Medical Station and the USNS Comfort. Hospitals should carefully review the updated guidance.

Here are the major changes:

  • The USNS Comfort is now accepting COVID-positive patients
  • The Javits New York Medical Station is now accepting patients at O2 requirement < 6L/min to maintain O2 Sat >90% at rest (it was previously < 4L/min)

The following changes have been made to use of eFINDS:

  • All patients must have an eFINDS wristband or eFINDS number assigned.
  • All associated data entry to the eFINDS system will be done by HECC staff.
  • If it is not feasible to assign an eFINDS number and/or apply a wristband prior to transferring the patient, the hospital should continue with the transfer. In these situations, the eFINDS registration will be done onsite.

The guidance has also been released via DOH’s Health Commerce System.

Here is important contact information for these alternate care sites:

  • Healthcare Evacuation Call Center: 212-542-1700
  • Family Contact Line: 212-542-1775
  • Clinical Consultation Line: 212-542-1758

GNYHA will continue to keep members informed of any changes to policies or procedures of these sites, as well as the details of several anticipated sites.

Note: GNYHA learned today, April 8, from DOH that interpretation services are now available at the Javits Center.