GNYHA Uses Emergency Management Platform to Monitor Heat Wave Impact

July 29, 2019

During the July 19–21 heat wave that gripped a large part of the nation, GNYHA used its emergency management platform, Sit Stat 2.0, to monitor the impact on member hospitals. GNYHA requested daily morning responses to questions from designated staff at each hospital, who could enter the information from a computer or mobile application. Data from all participating hospitals was viewable in a dashboard format, enabling GNYHA and hospitals to have important situational awareness of the entire sector. Nearly 70 hospitals participated on Friday and Saturday, with a slight drop in participation on Sunday. GNYHA used this information to quickly identify and follow up with hospitals experiencing an impact, and to provide information to government response partners during a daily citywide coordination call.

GNYHA is planning a pair of coastal storm data collection exercises August 7-8 to further familiarize members with the Sit Stat 2.0 system and increase regional preparedness for the coastal storm season.