GNYHA/UHF HRO Leadership Forum Addresses Patient Engagement

May 20, 2019

The GNYHA/United Hospital Fund (UHF) High Reliability Organization (HRO) Leadership Forum recently hosted its final learning session for 2019. Lead faculty Erin Dupree, MD, FACOG, formerly the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President at The Joint Commission’s Center for Transforming Healthcare, discussed the importance of integrating patient engagement into all stages of the high reliability journey. Participating hospitals shared the results of their service-line HRO improvement initiatives and reviewed their facilities’ patient engagement approaches.

Ms. Dupree leads the learning session

To ensure sustainability of the progress made, service-line leaders and their C-suite leadership teams were challenged to develop patient engagement strategies and create implementation plans. Each team also developed an effective “report out” to senior leadership on their initiative’s results. Hospital teams used the Six Sigma Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control methodology to detail their projects and achievements through the HRO Leadership Forum. At the meeting’s conclusion, hospital representatives offered the report out, and faculty and peers provided feedback.

Hospital teams used the Six Sigma methodology to detail their projects

David Rose, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President for Medical & Academic Affairs, and Chairman, Department of Medicine, Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, said, “GNYHA’s HRO Leadership Forum was an invaluable organizational change experience. The explicit purpose—learning HRO standards and skills and putting them to use in our hospital—was accomplished by our multidisciplinary team, which addressed and improved an especially challenging problem. Just as valuable was the honing of teamwork skills, which we might not have accomplished without the structure, time, and effort that the forum offered. We had the added benefit of engaging in this endeavor along with teams from other hospitals of our newly formed health system, One Brooklyn Health, which added to our experience of system development.”

Participating hospitals’ accomplishments and achievements were made possible in part by hospital leadership’s strong commitment and dedication throughout the HRO Leadership Forum. GNYHA will continue to support hospitals on their HRO journey.