GNYHA hosted a meeting last month with the New York State Department of Health on the State’s Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program to share successes and opportunities for improvement in the early detection and intervention of hearing disorders in newborns. GNYHA has supported EHDI’s efforts to increase rates of, and documentation for, hearing screening via the EHDI Information System since its 2013 launch.

The EHDI program aims to ensure that all infants are accurately screened in a timely manner for hearing disorders. Infants who do not pass are re-screened by the time they reach one month of age to identify those with hearing loss as early as possible and refer them for appropriate intervention, thereby increasing each child’s chances of reaching their full potential.

In the past year, EHDI has increased the percentage of infants with a recorded initial hearing screening by 7.1% (to 96.8%), amounting to nearly 17,000 more newborns being checked for hearing loss in the first month of life. The program also increased the follow-up hearing screening rate by 242% (to 31%) during that same time period.

GNYHA will continue to support the EHDI. For more information please contact or Wing Lee.