GNYHA Seeks Hospitals for Internship Program Promoting Racial and Ethnic Diversity

January 29, 2018

GNYHA is proud to continue—for the 20th consecutive year—its Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), an internship program that promotes racial and ethnic diversity in health care management. GNYHA once again invites member hospitals and health systems to sponsor students in their institutions for this 10-week paid internship. Students, either undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree in health care management, will learn about the major issues, skills, and responsibilities involved in the complex field of health care administration. Through its participation in this critical pipeline program, GNYHA members play a key role in identifying junior staff of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds for future leadership roles.

GNYHA’s SEP is the largest program of its kind in the nation, with more than 300 students participating since its inception. GNYHA coordinates SEP with the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Institute for Diversity in Health Management, the National Association of Health Services Executives, and the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives. Hospital participation in SEP is also consistent with AHA’s Health Equity Pledge for hospitals and health systems to help advance diversity in leadership.

Thanks to GNYHA members’ support over the past 20 years, many SEP alumni now hold important positions within health care institutions throughout GNYHA’s membership. A hospital and health system SEP sponsorship form—due to GNYHA by March 9—can be found here. Please contact Lloyd C. Bishop or Lina Osorio with any questions. To ensure that all of our members have the opportunity to benefit from SEP, GNYHA will work closely with any hospital or health system outside of the New York metropolitan area that wishes to participate.

Prospective interns can obtain more information about the program, including eligibility criteria and application materials here.