GNYHA Hosts First of Two Cybersecurity Response Plan Workshops

April 15, 2019

GNYHA last week hosted the first of a two-part workshop series to help members improve their enterprise-wide cybersecurity response plans. GNYHA’s multidisciplinary cyber team reviewed key structures and entities involved in health care cybersecurity, and synthesized best practice response-oriented information from several recent government publications. Teams from nearly two dozen organizations reviewed template cybersecurity response plans and appendices, using them as a launching pad for discussions about the various phases of incident detection, characterization, response, and recovery within their own facilities.

Participants will have the opportunity on May 23 to stress-test their plans during a workshop that will be facilitated by the US Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Exercise and Planning Programs. Facilitators hosting the May 23 workshop attended last week’s workshop to observe and garner information relevant to their planning process.

The workshops are part of GNYHA’s larger Cybersecurity Learning Series that launched last fall and has addressed topics such as medical device security, the role of legal staff in cybersecurity planning and response, and cybersecurity insurance.

For more information about these workshop sessions, please contact Jenna Mandel-Ricci. For information about the Cybersecurity Learning Series, please contact Laura Alfredo or Zeynep Sumer King.