GNYHA held meetings on July 12 of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Analytics Workgroup and the DSRIP Finance and Strategic Planning Workgroup. More than 75 representatives from 22 DSRIP performing provider systems (PPSs) gathered to discuss the DSRIP payment methodology, novel analytic methods for improving patient care with data, and performance on DSRIP measures.

The Analytics Workgroup featured a presentation from Community Care of Brooklyn (led by Maimonides Medical Center) on the impact of attribution churn on PPS performance. Representatives from Salient Management Company discussed frequently asked questions and provided updates on the Salient Interactive Miner, a data mining tool with which PPSs analyze Medicaid claims data. GNYHA staff presented on PPS performance and progress on meeting DSRIP milestones.  Millennium Collaborative Care (led by Erie County Medical Center) detailed its evaluation of how provider coding and billing practices impact quality performance measurement and also highlighted specific process improvements that were implemented. These initiatives have relevance to Millennium’s DSRIP performance and its value-based payment (VBP) contracting initiatives.

In the Finance and Strategic planning session, PPSs discussed issues on DSRIP financing and payments with peers. GNYHA staff discussed updates to the DSRIP payment methodology and presented on the performance-based earnings of the PPSs to date. The GNYHA team also detailed an updated version of its DSRIP Strategic Planning Model, a tool for PPS staff and GNYHA members to navigate the complex DSRIP payment methodology and help their budgeting and planning efforts.

The PPS community and GNYHA members continue to rely heavily on GNYHA’s DSRIP payment model, which is continually updated and improved. The insights gained from these workgroups will help GNYHA develop future educational programming and inform advocacy efforts on DSRIP and the transition to VBP.