GNYHA Holds First SPH-Related Community of Practice

July 1, 2019

GNYHA recently hosted its first Community of Practice on worker safety, safe patient handling (SPH), and mobility, which more than 35 individuals representing 15 hospitals or health systems attended. A Community of Practice forum convenes likeminded people to share various initiatives and new practices around worker safety and SPH. It’s also a forum for discussing innovations and best practices across participating facilities and networking with colleagues across the GNYHA membership.

NYU Langone Health’s SPH and Mobility Team detailed their successes and challenges in developing both an SPH program and a department dedicated to building SPH and mobility teams across the entire NYU system. The team described strategies to educate and guide staff on SPH and mobility techniques, and addressed staff training, patient equipment, and mobility needs.

A discussion addressed several topics, including patient handling equipment, worker compensation, and leadership buy-in strategies. The group will meet bimonthly and establish goals for improved outcomes and standardization of best practices.