GNYHA Advocates for Streamlined National Framework for Health Care and Public Health Data Collection and Monitoring

June 1, 2021

To optimize the response to future public health emergencies, GNYHA is advocating for a single national framework for data collection and monitoring. Such a framework would support government operations and decision-making, address the needs of public and private health care entities, reduce reporting burdens, and improve the reliability and quality of data collected.

GNYHA and its members developed the data collection and monitoring framework based on collective learnings throughout the COVID-19 response and experience in developing and maintaining GNYHA’s Sit Stat system, a regional situational awareness and information sharing platform. While facing unprecedented patient surges, hospitals dedicated significant resources to comply with the combined data collection requirements of local, State, and Federal agencies. Lack of clarity around data definitions created additional obstacles—often resulting in additional data collection requirements and erosion of data confidence and usability.

GNYHA’s recommendations document includes a series of principles for a Federal framework and a summary of data collection topics with corresponding content areas and stakeholders. The document also offers a suggested path forward.

GNYHA believes that nearly all the data elements can be developed and defined ahead of time, with only small adjustments needed to meet the particulars of an event. Also, with the creation of a standardized set of data elements at the national level, states and localities can then be encouraged to build systems that are interoperable with the Federal system.

GNYHA has shared the proposed framework with several Federal agencies—including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of the National Coordinator, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency—Congressional staff, and allied organizations such the American Hospital Association. GNYHA welcomes further comments or suggestions from members on this topic.