GNYHA Advocacy: Zoom Hill Day and Grassroots Advocacy

December 11, 2020

In addition to our outreach to Capitol Hill, GNYHA continues to advocate at the grassroots level for our key hospital priorities in the COVID-19 relief package, including by working closely with members of the New York Congressional delegation.

On November 19, GNYHA and our member hospitals met with health care staff from the offices of key New York members to discuss our COVID-19 and other health care priorities. Please feel free to like our tweet from our Zoom Hill Day.

Additionally, please consider joining GNYHA’s grassroots campaign, contacting your elected representatives, and voicing your support for a health care-focused COVID-19 relief package. Text HELPHOSPITALS to 52886 or click here.  GNYHA has been actively promoting this grassroots campaign via our social media platforms. We encourage you to like our tweet, which features a video about our COVID-19 priorities.

Direct advocacy through Zoom, phone calls, and grassroots advocacy through social media are effective in the current digital environment. Please consider participating in GNYHA’s advocacy events and incorporating those methods in your own advocacy efforts. Your outreach to Capitol Hill is extremely important over the next several weeks. Thank you for your efforts during this critical time.