Federal COGME Discusses Physician Workforce Landscape; State COGME Convening Today

June 25, 2018

The Federal Council on Graduate Medical Education (COGME) held a public session last week to discuss strategies to optimize its influence on national GME and the physician workforce landscape. Federal COGME is comprised of medical education leadership from hospitals across the country and is charged with making GME and physician workforce recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary; the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; and the House of Representatives Committee on Commerce.

At the session, Federal COGME’s history and purview, as well as the relationship with GME and workforce programs administered by the Health Resources and Services Administration, were reviewed for new Council members. The Council also reviewed findings from past COGME reports and discussed different ways to move forward, including by becoming more data-driven and working more collaboratively with other GME stakeholders such as the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. At the close of the two-day meeting, Council members were charged with prioritizing GME and physician workforce topics for the upcoming year. The next Federal COGME meeting is planned for early 2019. The New York State COGME plenary is being held today. The agenda includes presentations on sepsis awareness training in New York State and from several Doctors Across New York Ambulatory Care Training Program grantees. GNYHA will provide more details from the plenary session in the next issue of GME Digest.