DOHMH Ventilator Return Process for Ventilators Provided from the Federal Strategic National Stockpile

August 12, 2020

GNYHA is coordinating with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) to recover ventilators from emergency stockpiles provided to hospitals during this spring’s COVID-19 patient surge. DOHMH is activating this recovery process at the direction of the Federal Strategic National Stockpile, which provided the ventilators, all of which are Vyaire (CareFusion) LTV-1200s.

Hospitals can request replacement units for those returned, but requests must not exceed the total number of ventilators a hospital has received. All replacement ventilators will be Phillips Trilogy EV300. DOHMH will deploy replacement ventilators when the recovery process is complete, so please assist us in recovering your current ventilators as soon as possible.

Please note that DOHMH’s ventilator recovery process is not associated with the New York State Department of Health’s recently conducted Health Emergency Response Data System (HERDS) ventilator inventory assessment.

To initiate the return of ventilators, please follow the steps below. You need not return consumable items like circuits or filters. If a ventilator has not been used, skip to step four.

  • Clean and sanitize each ventilator
  • Repack the ventilator in the yellow (“Pelican”) carrying case
    • Include all removable but permanent items in the Pelican cases, including:
      • Power cords
      • Battery packs
      • Canvas carrying case
    • Match each ventilator to the appropriate Pelican case by serial number
  • Palletize ventilators for pick up
    • Palletize in increments of five but do not exceed 20 ventilators per pallet
    • Shrink wrap pallets but allow for visibility so the driver can count how many ventilators are on each pallet
    • If your facility does not have pallets, the driver will provide empty pallets and shrink wrap; please help the driver build/load new pallets
  • Contact DOHMH to initiate the return
    • Complete the DOHMH Ventilator Return Request Form. You must use Chrome or Firefox browsers to access this link.
    • Indicate how many Phillips EV300 replacement ventilators you want, if any
    • Upload the attached spreadsheet indicating which ventilators are being returned and are ready for pickup

DOHMH staff will contact the indicated Pickup Point of Contact identified on the web form to coordinate pickup.