DOHMH Measles Updates: Frequently Asked Questions and Health Alert

May 30, 2019

GNYHA continues to monitor updates from New York City, the state departments of health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep members apprised. Please see below for recently issued guidance and information from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

DOHMH FAQs on 2018-19 New York City Measles Outbreak

DOHMH has developed a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document (attached) in response to providers’ questions on measles during the current 2018-19 outbreak. The questions include ones submitted to GNYHA during an April measles webinar (recording and resources for which can be found here). The document broadly covers the areas of infection control, vaccination, verifying immunity, and managing high-risk exposures, and includes detailed guidance on a range of issues related to these topics.

Released May 28, 2019

NYC DOHMH Health Alert #10: Update on Measles Outbreak in New York City and Citywide Recommendations

DOHMH also recently issued an updated Health Alert on the measles outbreak. The total number of measles cases in New York City reached 525 as of May 23. The alert also details outbreak-related measles-mumps-rubella guidance, particularly for individuals who reside in or regularly spend time in the impacted parts of Brooklyn and outside of New York City. DOHMH stresses vigilance for measles among persons of all ages, including outside of the impacted areas, and provides a reminder for routine screening and vaccination.

Released May 24, 2019

GNYHA will continue to inform members of developments and resources related to the current measles outbreak.

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