GNYHA continues to work with local, State, and Federal agencies and monitor updates on the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak, now called COVID-19. Please find recent updates for hospitals and health systems and a summary of recent webinars from State and Federal agencies.

Important Updates to CDC Health Care Provider Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to update its 2019 novel coronavirus resources and guidance for health care professionals. Hospitals are encouraged to review the updates carefully and to revisit the website for further changes.

The following resource pages were updated this week:

Summary of Recent Webinars

GNYHA staff participated in several State and Federal agency webinars on important developments in the 2019 coronavirus outbreak, including regarding its epidemiology, transmission, control, and management. The following summaries highlight key points for hospitals.

GNYHA Influenza and Pandemic Plans and Protocols

GNYHA developed Hospital Influenza Preparedness Planning Guidelines in 2009 to help its member hospitals plan for the possibility of a large surge of influenza patients. While the document addresses influenza and was not developed recently, many of the guidelines are still relevant and can apply to a broad range of emergencies and events, including the current coronavirus outbreak.

GNYHA will continue to update hospitals as we receive more information.