Changes to Software Platform Company Underlying GNYHA Sit Stat 2.0 System

June 12, 2018

On May 7, 2018, Intermedix Corporation spun off its Emergency Preparedness and Response division, including EMSystems, LLC, as part of a larger corporate transaction. As a result, EMSystems, LLC, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of a newly formed company called Juvare Holdings (Juvare) (pronounced joo-VAHR-ay), which means “to help” in Latin. The Juvare name was chosen to reflect the new company’s commitment to deliver solutions and services that are at the forefront of the preparedness technology and resiliency industry. Juvare is an independent, privately held company backed by Thomas H. Lee Partners, a private equity firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, that had previously owned Intermedix. GNYHA has been working closely with the Juvare team during this transition period to ensure that the needs of GNYHA and its members are fully met.

What This Change Means for GNYHA Sit Stat 2.0

All solutions and products under EMSystems, LLC, including EMResource, eICS, Alert, and EMTrack remain the same and are now within the Juvare portfolio. For members that have already signed Participation Agreements for the GNYHA Sit Stat 2.0 System, these agreements remain wholly in force. Under Juvare, EMSystems, LLC, continues in the same form as when GNYHA entered its original agreement, and remains responsible for meeting the obligations contained in that agreement. Previously signed member Participation Agreements are premised upon the contractual obligations made by EMSystems, LLC, to GNYHA and its membership. Any communications pre-dating May 7, 2018, and any documentation referring to Intermedix or branded as Intermedix during this changeover period will also remain in force and unchanged. For additional information about this corporate transaction, please review the attached Juvare Announcement.

GNYHA Sit Stat 2.0

GNYHA is encouraging all member hospitals to take advantage of GNYHA Sit Stat 2.0 as soon as possible. GNYHA’s Sit Stat 2.0, powered by Juvare, provides each participating member hospital with a customizable base product including EMResource and eICS. Together these tools enable hospitals to develop, revise, and manage emergency plans, manage and document incidents including all aspects of incident command activations, and many other emergency management functions. Specific capabilities include:

  • The ability to create, manage and maintain your Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)
  • Document real-world incidents as well as drills/exercises in an HSEEP compliant format
  • Document and maintain After Action Reports and Improvement Plans
  • The ability the manage an incident from any web-enabled device, including smartphones
  • The ability to manage institutional emergency management plans.

If you have questions regarding the GNYHA Sit Stat 2.0 System, please contact Patrick Meyers, Senior Project Manager, Emergency Management.