Center for Health Workforce Studies Releases New Exit Survey Dashboard

May 20, 2019

The Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS), a University of Albany-based academic research center that provides New York State with policy-driven health workforce research, recently released a new resource to inform teaching hospitals about physician workforce supply and demand trends.

CHWS has administered an annual exit survey to graduating residents of New York teaching hospitals for more than 20 years. The survey collects information on graduating residents’ demographics and practice intentions following training. The survey results have historically been shared with institutions via a digital data set and accompanying research brief. CHWS worked with GNYHA over the past year to develop a more user-friendly, web-based platform to review exit survey results. The recently launched dashboard displays the data graphically, allowing institutions to view their survey results and compare them with those of other teaching hospitals.

On June 6, GNYHA and CHWS will host a webinar to demonstrate the new dashboard. Graduate medical education (GME) leadership and other hospital workforce staff are encouraged to participate. Details on the webinar, including registration information, can be found here.