New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 30-day amendments to his proposed Executive budget remove several insurance reforms that GNYHA strongly supports. GNYHA will continue to campaign for their inclusion in the final budget. The reforms would protect New Yorkers and hospitals from abusive insurance companies that refuse to pay for medically necessary care and emergency care. This website enables you to directly e-mail and tweet your Assembly Member and Senator to ask them to include the insurance reforms in the budget. You can also text NODENIALS to 52886, and then click on the link that will be texted back. Please share this service with as many employees of your hospital and health system as possible. We are grateful to those who have already done so.

The 30-day amendments do not reflect the ongoing efforts of the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT), which has until April 1 to find $2.5 billion in State-share Medicaid savings for the 2020–2021 State fiscal year. The MRT likely will present its proposals to Governor Cuomo and the Legislature in March. The MRT’s next public meeting will be on March 2 in New York City.