Diversity & Community Health


In the New York metropolitan region—where 180 languages are spoken and racial and ethnic diversity continues to grow—the changing needs of patients and longstanding racial and ethnic health disparities present enormous challenges for health care providers. GNYHA has established programs to help members attract and retain a diverse pool of health care executives and trustees, and in turn better serve a diverse patient population.


Federal, State, and local public health officials are all prioritizing efforts to increase the rates of exclusive breastfeeding. GNYHA

provides information on this public health priority. Find resources on this topic.

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Colon Health/Colonoscopy Screenings

Resources from the "Increasing Colonoscopy Screenings," an initiative by the New York City  Department of Health and Mental

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Community Health Forum

GNYHA’s Community Health Forum brings together member hospitals to discuss policy issues and share best practices. Find resources on this topic.

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Community Health Needs Assessment

The Affordable Care Act requires hospitals to conduct community health needs assessments every three years and

to develop implementation plans to address identified needs. New York State has similar Community Service Plan requirements. GNYHA keeps members apprised of updated requirements and provides technical assistance.s. Find resources on this topic.

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Federal, State, and Local Initiatives

GNYHA provides one-stop information on government public health improvement plans, including Healthy People 2020,

NYS’ Prevention Agenda, NYC’s Take Care New York initiative, and other government initiatives. Find resources on this topic.

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IRS Schedule H and Community Benefit Reporting

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has strict requirements for reporting hospital community benefit activities on IRS Form 990

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GNYHA provides information and resources to assist in member hospitals efforts to combat obesity in the community, including

GNYHA’s Obesity Toolkit for hospitals.  Find resources on this topic

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Organ Donation

GNYHA advocates for policies and procedures that encourage organ donation and ensure that donated organs are fairly

allocated around the country, including the New York area. Find resources on this topic.

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Prevention Agenda and NYS Hospital Community Service Plans

GNYHA keeps members apprised of NYS Prevention Agenda for the Healthiest State, activities and updates, hospital Community

Service Plan (CSP) requirements, and provides technical assistance and resources, including the GNYHA Prevention Agenda Toolkit for hospitals. Find resources on this topic.

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Surrogate Decision-Making & the Family Health Care Decisions Act

GNYHA advocates for legislation and policies that empower patients to be active participants in their health care, including

policies that protect patients’ privacy, promote advance directives (where appropriate), and include patients and families in appropriate end-of-life decision-making. GNYHA also provides support and guidance to hospitals in implementing processes that help comply with these laws and regulations. Find resources on this topic.

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Tobacco Cessation and Smoke-Free Hospital Campuses

GNYHA provides resources to assist members in their efforts to promote tobacco cessation in their communities, among

patients, and among hospital staff. Resources are also provided to implement a smoke-free hospital campus. Find resources on this topic.

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Cultural Competency

GNYHA members serve a vast array of patients and with different cultural norms and expectations. GNYHA

supports members by providing resources and best practices to assist in serving an increasingly diverse patient population and in the provision of culturally competent care. Find resources on this topic.

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Blind and Visually-Impaired

GNYHA provides best practice resources and best practices to assist members to serve the deaf and hard of hearing as well as

blind and visually-impaired patients. Find resources on this topic.

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GNYHA Center for Trustee Initiatives

In 2005, GNYHA created the Center for Trustee Initiatives, a focused effort to help GNYHA hospital and continuing care

members promote and improve diversity on their governing boards. The Center creates a pipeline of candidates by reaching out to professional associations, investment firms, civic and business organizations, and more, and then vetting candidates to assess both interest and fitness in serving as board members. The Center has been responsible for the placement of more than two dozen exceptional candidates—entrepreneurs, senior executives, and civic leaders—on GNYHA member hospital and continuing care facility governing boards.

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GNYHA Summer Enrichment Program

For nearly 15 years, GNYHA has devoted significant resources to develop internship programs for both undergraduate

and graduate students pursuing careers in health services administration. The cornerstone of these educational efforts is GNYHA's Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), a paid internship opportunity for students pursuing degrees in health care management. The three-month program, which is highly competitive and receives applications from students at colleges and universities around the nation, provides underrepresented minority students with experiences in health care administration. SEP internship students are matched with participating GNYHA member facilities and on-site preceptors who ensure that students have the opportunity to learn about the major issues, skills, and responsibilities involved in day-to-day management of health care facilities. Find resources on this topic.

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Health Care Leadership Institute

The Health Care Leadership Institute is an executive development program designed to promote racial and

ethnic diversity in health care leadership. Jointly sponsored by GNYHA and the City of New York's Baruch College School of Public Affairs, the Institute affords chief executive officers of GNYHA member hospitals and continuing care facilities the opportunity to provide middle managers in their institutions with an executive development experience to help advance their careers. 

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Health Disparities

GNYHA provides resources designed to assist GNYHA members in their efforts to address health disparities. Find resources on this topic.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health

GNYHA provides best practice resources and best practices to assist members to serve the LGBT patient population. Find resources on this topic.

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Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

There are over 180 languages spoken in communities served by GNYHA members. GNYHA provides resources, including best

practices, to assist it members to meet the needs of the LEP patient population. Find resources on this topic.

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