GNYHA Ventures


Greater New York Hospital Association operates the largest business enterprise of any trade association in the U.S. through its for-profit arm, GNYHA Ventures, Inc. These efforts generate billions in commerce while also delivering tremendous value for our members. Working with the Association, GNYHA Ventures, Inc. navigates the world of business advocacy to help improve hospital operations and to provide industry-leading transparency and cost reduction.


Essensa is a group purchasing organization that reduces costs and streamlines workflow for non-acute healthcare

providers and other commercial markets nationwide, including hospitality, recreation, and municipalities. 

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GNYHA Services, Inc.

GNYHA Services, Inc., is a full-service acute care group purchasing and supply chain efficiency organization providing

savings opportunities for its 300+ member hospitals and health systems through a cost-quality-outcomes support model. 

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Innovatix, LLC

The nation’s largest non-acute care group purchasing organization, Innovatix helps providers throughout the United

States and Puerto Rico achieve substantial savings on their daily purchases while offering industry-leading programs like Innovatix Specialty Pharmacy Management and InnovatixCares, a population health initiative for non-acute providers.

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Nexera, Inc. is a supply chain and operations improvement company. Its mission is to deliver sustainable savings

and lasting efficiencies though custom consulting engagements and guaranteed outsourcing arrangements.

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Happtique, Inc.

Happtique, Inc. is a patient-engagement platform that allows healthcare providers to prescribe mobile applications

and digital health content from professionally curated catalogs to help patients manage their own health and wellness. 

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